LILA Logomania

Manymanymany logos.

It´s a girl

A new Star is born -
first on paper and finally in 3D.
Characterdevelopment for the new KIKA Show

Scary Comparison

Dont be scared – Compare and Share!
In response to our call for participating we’re happy to present a comparison of pitch entries for NBC’s 13th Street Redesign.

Science Friction

Feedmee has skilled personnel for chemical examinations


It’s the Year of the ‘Hessen’!


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy … rabbit!

Love for Blood Donation

If you’re lovesick, please do NOT try THIS at home!

Pack your Stuff… and Yourself!

German PAGE magazine had asked us to create a front-cover for their Edition about mobile content.


“Servus” is one of the most frequently used words in Austria. It can mean both hello and goodbye.

Redesign 13th St.

Feedmee was asked to participate in a station design pitch for the German horror channel “13th Street.” Designing idents that appeal to children most of the time is fun, but it can make you want to blow off some steam after a while. Finally, this opportunity came along for us to expose our dark and evil side!

Knurps, Klatsch, Flatsch

We´re just in the middle of the production of a new dance-video for Disney Channel. We needed lot´s of different dancers, that doing a specific choreographie. With the whole video produced in the pixelation technique even non-dancers look like perfect musical-dancers. Even the gym-girls from susanne´s mother. Age 65-90. The local news thought that would [...]

Steps to Abandonment

Sometimes the advancement of a project can be almost 100% and involve many thoughtful steps – until the decision of discontinuing leaves you with a handful layouts and ideas on your desktop.


It’s never too early to think about Christmas-gifts and decoration!
 Mid-Summer just is the best time
to start planning for the holy-days!


“Yes, we agree
to work together on this project… “

Holy Horst

“Every child should be taught to cook in school, not just talk about nutrition all day. Good food can be made in 15 minutes. This could be the first generation where the kids teach the parents.” – Jamie Oliver

Many times people ask us about our Software
Teevee FX. How does it work?
What can you do with it?

Kung-Fu Yourself!

Watch this skillful approach to re-enacting scenes from movies starring our all-time favorite action heroes: Van Damme, Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal and all the others.

Fingers Special

“The Fingers” was one of our first projects back in the day. We are proud to present early footage of one of Prof. Rumfinger’s inventions, which would inevitably change the world in subsequent years.

Buff & Bill

We met these guys stuck in the middle of the dessert, about 6 years ago… Had a small testshoot.


See some work that one of our co-workers did.
First we saw them during his jobinterview…And of course…No longer discussion. Gunee belongs to feedmee like Kaiserschmarrn to icecream.

Eetmee, reelly!

We don’t like farewells, we really don’t.
The only good thing about people leaving the company is when they bring in unique cakes and candy to celebrate the infamous EEs one last time.

Hangout with Bears

Take a closer look to these cute Illustrations created for the project Bärenbude Klassenzauber for WDR.

Once again some of us have overcome fears and started careers in dancing…

Making and Destruction of Robi

We have been asked many times about the amount of fake in our Do the Dingx Series.


A man without a camera is like a fish without water.

1981 Super8-iPhone Footage

Feedmee employees started experimenting with mobile phones earlier than you can imagine!

Secret Star

What made a little French bulldog the secret star of our first season DO THE DINGX? Have a look!

Blog Partee

Thanks to all the people who came to our Unseen-party-exhibition-event!
For all those who missed it – each room had its own theme.
Here are some impressions.

Human Matrix Rig

Everyone suffers from the era of digital Photocameras now and then. Mega-, Ultra- Hyperpixels – you can run but you can’t hide.